When It Comes to Race Car Preparation, Consider Modern Classic Motorsport

Do you have a passion for auto racing? Whether you’re a race car fan or a motorsport driver, you know that preparing and racing classic cars requires the expertise of highly skilled and seasoned technicians. If you’re looking to build a race car from a shell, recommission an old classic automobile, or refresh and tune up your current vehicle, consider Modern Classic Motorsport.

Race Day Starts Months Before the Race

At Modern Classic Motorsport, race car preparation is their expertise. Their crew has learned about McLaren Cars in the United Kingdom on the F1 road car, GTR, and SLR projects. They provide a very different and refreshing perspective on motorsport engineering and customer care for their clients.

Race car preparation doesn’t start at the track. Instead, Modern Classic Motorsport begins their work in the shop days, weeks, and months beforehand, preparing their customer’s vehicles to arrive ready to race. If you look forward to track days and timed sprints or have a passion for motorsport, this company can help with modern and classic cars for competition. They can help you improve your car’s track capabilities and performance with their variety of services.

Tailored Motorsport Preparation Services

Every improvement made to a race car also impacts that driver. So working closely with each customer is an essential aspect of what Modern Classic Motorsport does.

Over the years, the company has also found that a staged approach to improving their client’s motorsport cars is a solid philosophy. The process allows their clients to consider one major improvement at a time and understand and appreciate the gains made on the track. It can also help the driver enhance their driving abilities gradually as their car becomes more capable.

Modern Classic Motorsport works hard to guarantee that the race cars are prepared to the highest standard to ensure their clients feel confident in their vehicles from the first lap. This standard helps car owners enjoy racing to the fullest.

The high-quality race car preparation services include braking performance upgrades, corner weight and chassis setup, complete motorsport car builds, track and tarmac rallies, and suspension packages. They also provide personal consultation and track support, engine power upgrades, and rebuilds.

The company has also built, prepared, and supported a wide array of historic, classic, and modern race cars across a range of championships in Australia and beyond. They offer race transportation and track support services as well.

Whether you are looking to restore classic American and European cars or need comprehensive race car preparation, contact Modern Classic Motorsport. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to make this racing season and future seasons a success!