About Us

The passion behind Modern Classic Motorsport, comes from a period where “Driving” and “Motor Racing” was a pure connection between driver and machine. From a time where cars had very distinct characters and the pleasure of driving a manual car well, with gusto and precession was an admired skill.

With a passion for European vehicles from the 70’s 80”s and 90’s, (specialising in BMW’s), Company Director, Scott Robinson has a unique background in the Automotive industry with almost 40 years of experience working for iconic brands such as BMW, McLaren, Lamborghini and Lotus.

The wealth of knowledge and expertise he has to offer is unequalled in the Australian motoring community, with Restoration and Motorsport preparation being the primary areas of focus for MCM.

About Me

Director, Scott Robinson, always had a passion for cars even from an early age. He became a BMW Master Technician in 1988 after starting his apprenticeship in 1982 here in Brisbane. Racing Karts and open wheel Formula 2 cars in his spare time his interest for quality engineering and motorsport was already developing rapidly.
Taking his skill set to the UK in 1991 he worked for several major BMW dealer groups over a 7 year period in the London area before landing a position with McLaren Cars in Woking as a Master Technician on the F1 Road car in their newly formed Customer Care Department. After 7 years at McLaren Cars and a total of 14 years working in the UK he returned to Australia to the BMW dealer network and took up a sales career that allowed him to be involved in special projects, building Motorsport cars and technical manager for the MINI Challenge race series. More new challenges came his way as brand manager for such Marques as Lamborghini and Lotus with a focus of growing these boutique brands in Australia.
With a career filled with world class experiences starting a business of his own was the next logical step.

With his personal passion for restoring classic cars, and race car preparation, the mission of Modern Classic Motorsport is to deliver the highest quality and unique dream cars for his clients.